Aug 172012
What’s the point of Welsh.

I recently experienced a fortnight’s holiday in Wales. I’d been to Wales before, but mainly stayed in North and Mid Wales. This time we headed further south towards the Gower Peninsula. South Wales has the reputation of being the heart of the country and we were looking forward to experiencing the Welsh culture first hand. As we turned off the M6 we noticed the first indications that you’re in Wales. Massive road signs full of consonants and as we wound our way south the vowels became less and less. It was great fun listening to our sat-nav trying to keep [More…]

Jul 202012
Barrow Memories

People often ask me if I’ve lived in Barrow-in-Furness all my life. I always answer, “not yet”. Barrow is perceived by outsiders as one of those gritty northern industrial towns at the end of a thirty-five mile cul-de-sac. People don’t aspire to come here but it’s amazing how many of those who do never get around to leaving again. It’s true that many people who come to Barrow, come for the work. The shipyard still draws skilled workers from all over the country. Once here they begin to see real Barrow. The Barrow which is ten minutes from the Lake [More…]

Jun 062012
Jubilee Cruise

The plan was to avoid as much of the inane media coverage of the Queens Jubilee by spending an extended weekend cruising on the boat. The plan was to set off from Carnforth on Thursday evening and head south towards Garstang, returning to Carnforth the following Tuesday. The first thing we noticed was the number of boats that had been dressed in bunting for the weekend. Avoiding the Jubilee was going to be harder than we thought. After spending the first night at Hest Bank we moored just on the approaches to the Lune Aqueduct for lunch on the Friday. While [More…]

Apr 012012
Posting a windscreen

The boat was put back into the water at the end of March without a windscreen in place. We ordered the new windscreen in plenty of time and it had been sat on the boat for weeks waiting to be fitted. We concentrated on the jobs on the hull and sterndrive, which had to be completed while ashore, intending to fit the windscreen a couple of weekends before she went back in the water. Despite bad weather we were roughly on target and removed the old windscreen and threw it in the skip. The following weekend we set off to [More…]

Feb 162012
Das Washing Machine

This week we had a minor disaster involving a washing machine, several-to-many gallons of water and some extremely soggy carpets. I received a call at work from she who must be obeyed. “I’ve flooded the house!” she cried. I dashed home while imagining burst pipes and scenes from “Das Boot” and “The Poseidon Adventure” to find we had a paddling pool in the utility room along with the adjoining kitchen and bathrooms. Water was flowing at a steady rate from the top of the washing machine, which had decided it didn’t want to pump out anymore. I turned off the [More…]