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Baku    by Ian HillbeckPrice: $2.99 USD.
38160 words.

Galabell thought he was taking his family to the Baku Festival and a long overdue visit to his parents. The trip becomes a nightmare as they all become caught in the middle of a conflict between trans-galactic Industry and the Federal Government.

The Man Wants His Boat   by Ian HillbeckYou set the price!
6900 words.

Working in a shipyard is hard. Some days it can be fatal. Today was one of those days.

The Big Game   by Ian HillbeckYou set the price!
3300 words.

Two boys have their game soccer game interrupted by an alien invasion

Lousy Poems On Morbid Themes   by Ian HillbeckYou set the price!
2920 words.

A selection on eclectic poetry and prose on various topics which will hopefully entertain, inspire and stimulate the mind.

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