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People often ask me if I’ve lived in Barrow-in-Furness all my life. I always answer, “not yet”. Barrow is perceived by outsiders as one of those gritty northern industrial towns at the end of a thirty-five mile cul-de-sac. People don’t aspire to come here but it’s amazing how many of those who do never get around to leaving again.

It’s true that many people who come to Barrow, come for the work. The shipyard still draws skilled workers from all over the country. Once here they begin to see real Barrow. The Barrow which is ten minutes from the Lake District. The Barrow that’s surrounded by miles and miles of sandy beaches. We rarely attract the big stars and touring shows, but on the other hand the worst of society doesn’t bother to make the trip down the A590 either.

Barrow does change, it does evolve with the times. But it does so at its own pace and on its own terms. In my lifetime I’ve seen a number of changes to the town. The following list will be completely meaningless to anyone outside of Barrow but here are some of the things I remember growing up in the Town Centre. Perhaps they’ll ring some bells for you too….

100 Things I Remember….

  1. Abbey Road BathsDaring each other to Dive off the high board in the large pool at Abbey Baths
  2. Watching Kendo Nagasaki wrestle at the Public Hall
  3. Annual Boat Trips to the Isle of Man setting off from the deep water berth in Walney Channel
  4. Marshes Sass being delivered on wagons that looked like something off Daktari
  5. The club song at Saturday morning kids clubs at the Classic and Apollo Cinemas
  6. Swimming in the outdoor pool at Bigger Bank
  7. Buying an Ice Cream Soda and playing on the pinball machines in the bottom Brucciani’s
  8. Christmas Panto at the Majestic Theatre
  9. Shipyard and Engineering Apprentice Training schools on either side of Bridge approach
  10. Waiting for a train to pass before going over the low level bridge (one way at a time)
  11. Sitting on the bank on Walney watching ships being launched into Walney Channel and running away to escape the big wave when it came ashore
  12. The glass shelter by the Roundhouse at Bigger Bank
  13. The kiddies roundabout in the market hall
  14. Hearing the shipyard buzzer and crossing the road while you still can
  15. Hot buttered teacake from Redman’s in Dalton Road
  16. Hammerhead CraneThe big yellow hammerhead crane at work beside Buccleuch Dock
  17. Pitch and Putt at Earnsie Bay
  18. The rotten egg smell on Park Road from the Cellophane works
  19. Chasing the Rag and Bone man with his horse and cart when giving balloons away to the kids
  20. Mum complaining that the smoke from Caird’s Foundry had left a layer of orange dust on everything. Including the washing on the line across the back street
  21. Railway lines down the middle of Island Road
  22. The Steelworks wasn’t just the name of a pub
  23. Speedway Racing
  24. Ice Cream from the Bigger Bank Pavilion
  25. The big dome on top of the Coliseum
  26. The model railway exhibition in Holker Street School
  27. North Londsdale Hospital
  28. The flooded low road on a high tide
  29. Cycling Proficiency in the playground of the John Winnerah
  30. The BIG slide in Walney Park and landing in the huge muddy puddle at the bottom
  31. The Paper Mill
  32. A real periscope in the pub on Mill Lane
  33. Barrow MarketThe kids roundabout in the old market hall behind the Town Hall
  34. The sky lit up at night by slag tipping
  35. Buying 45’s from Maurice Roberts
  36. Quigley’s “Toy Guns Fishing” sign
  37. Stuffed animals and ship models in the Museum above the Library
  38. The floating docks lifting boats out the water
  39. Walking the bank between the two reservoirs
  40. Watching your money and change fly over your head on wires in Busy Bee’s
  41. The Fair and the Circus in Barrow Park
  42. The Shipyard Band
  43. Sailing toy boats in Biggar Bank boating pool
  44. Smelling the abattoir from the playground of Thwaite Street School
  45. Shipyard Apprentices v Engineering Apprentices annual road race
  46. Co-op milk floats streaming in and out of the dairy off Rawlinson Street
  47. Yellow wagons going in and out of Thompson’s Pop Factory
  48. Bowling at The Barrow Bowl on The Strand
  49. Cradle BrodgeThe Cradle Bridge over the docks
  50. Division Three Football at Holker Street
  51. The Regal Cinema
  52. Pets Corner in Barrow Park
  53. Sitting down to Fish and Chips at the Copper Kettle
  54. Concert Trips with Earthquake Records in the Arcade
  55. Lipton’s Café
  56. The Fire and Ambulance stations next door to each other
  57. Santa in the big Co-op in Abbey Road
  58. The Hoop Works
  59. Swimming in the timber pond on Barrow Island
  60. Geoffrey Morris School of Dancing at Ramsden Square
  61. Cranes on the slipways beside Walney Channel
  62. Gasometers going up and down at the end of St Vincent Street
  63. Bus DepotBarrow Corporation Bus Depot being eaten by a monster on TV
  64. Ambulances by the Vickers Clinic at Cavendish Park Villas
  65. The Old Bank when it was still a Bank
  66. The Furness Flyer Steam Specials
  67. Dining upstairs in the Lotus House
  68. Looking at the Toys in Pace’s window
  69. The Devonshire Dock could open at both ends
  70. The view from the top of the tower on the Town Hall
  71. The signal box on the low road before it was moved to the park
  72. Taking bottles back to the shop and buying sweets with the deposit money
  73. Being greeted by the bus conductor as you step aboard the back of the bus
  74. Post war houses with corrugated iron walls
  75. The big wooden stand at Holker Street football ground when there was also roof on the Holker End
  76. Fetes and Table Top sales in the Lyceum Hall
  77. Wagons being shunted on the Railway lines beneath the high level bridge.
  78. The Electric Light Theater
  79. Biggar BankBiggar Bank paddling pool
  80. Chicken in a basket at the 99 while watching Tommy Halfpenny
  81. Free school milk
  82. Railway wagons parked along Michelson Road
  83. Buying scout uniforms and sports gear from Willie Horne’s shop
  84. The Waltzer in Market Street
  85. Barrow Island Judo Club tucked away in a hut at the end of the recreation ground
  86. The tall chimneys and the mountains of coal at Roosecote Power Station
  87. Members of the Steelworks Band worked in the Steelworks
  88. Steps around Fred Cavendish’s statue when it was in front of the Town Hall, not behind it
  89. The Bon BonSweets on the left, Tobacco on the right, at the Bon Bon
  90. The Grammar School
  91. Women and Kids sitting in the snug because they weren’t allowed in the bar
  92. Abbey Road College
  93. Alfred Barrow Girls swapping notes with Alfred Barrow Boys through the fence at break time
  94. Mum not hanging the washing out because it was the day the coal man came
  95. Catching your bike wheel in the railway track coming out the Shipyard West Gate on Bridge Road
  96. Paying your bus fare to school with plastic tokens
  97. Flicking through the racks of thousands of LP’s upstairs in Blackshaws
  98. Playing the pinball machines in the bottom Bruciannis café
  99. TTaxi Rankaxis lined up by the little half timbered taxi office in front of the town hall

  40 Responses to “Barrow Memories”

  1. blimey i remember about 1/2 of them … the memories did make me smile…Barrow seemed so much safer then… everyone had a job and no one was on drugs you didn’t even know what they were, and kids knew who their dads were… good old days eh!!!

  2. I remember most of these from growing up in Barrow. Since I’m an author I’d like to add the Book Corner which was opposite WIllie Horne’s and at the time I think was one of only two places in town (along with Heaths) where you could buy books. And the record shop on Dalton Road (can’t remember the name but not Blackshaws, the other one) where you could listen to records in sound-proof booths before buying them. The ‘women not allowed’ thing I also remember as my mum was quite rightly furious at the Furness Golf Club rule that women weren’t allowed on the carpetted side of the room. I think the Greengate Club still bars women doesn’t it? Well, it did last time I was there, but then Emlyn Hughes was in there too that night so it must have been a few years ago.

    • I think I remember listening to records in Maurice Roberts. They were at the top of Dalton road opposite the original Tesco store. They moved onto Rawlinson Street for a while before closing down.

    • It was a lovely trip down memory lane reading comments. I lived in Barrow during the 50’s up until 1964. I spent a lot of time in the listening booths upstairs in Kelly’s Record Shop. Also in Heaths bookshop, spent my pocket money in Woolworths on stationery, pop records and cosmetics, loved rowing a boat on Barrow Park lake and enjoyed the Fairground in the summer where I won 3 goldfish one night aged 8 and they lived for a further decade. We used to fish for tiddlers in the park lake armed with a net and A jam jar with string round the lip. I feel ashamed of being so cruel now. My school uniforms were bought in Busy Bees at the top of Dalton Road. I loved attending the launches at the shipyard especially when royalty came. The buzzer for the end of the shift for the shipyard and the magnificent sight of the swarm of bicycles travelling down Abbey Road. The Saturday morning matinees at the Ritz I think and I’m sure it only cost sixpence. The rag and bone men with ponies and carts shouting any old iron & if you gave them anything they gave you a goldfish. The smell & quiet of Barrow Library where we used to go for books and do our homework after school. Bruciannis which we called Bruce’s and gaped at the teddy boys. Only know Walney from having walks with my dad at North Shore with our dogs. I preferred crabbing amongst the rocks at Bardsea. Lonsdale Hospital where my appendix was removed and their great annual carnivals. With innovative floats. Her Majesty’s Theatre & the repertory company and also the wonderful years as a member of Barrow Amateur Dramatic Society – ballroom dancing classes at The Victoria Park Hotel with Ida McDonald as the dancing teacher and the dances held there now and again. I think Winders was a toy shop opposite the Ritz cinema – I was taken upstairs in there aged 7 thinking I was going to be bought a bike but ended up with a scooter. I’d love to hear from anyone who lived at The Cottage Homes circa 1948-50

    • The shop with the record booths was Kellys and is now Specsavers. Happy days.

    • Kelly’s record shop.

  3. I can tick all of theses but there was never a glass dome on the “Colly”.:-)

  4. Running up the steps in the big park

  5. Does anyone else remember trying on swimming cozzies in the store room of Willie Horns shop on Cavandish street? are any of the ‘old’ barra lot out there who used to go swimming everynight after school you lot will know who you’s are …(aprox 1977 onwards) then on a Sunday we would all go to the park … good old days eh!!! …

  6. Well, that brought back lots of memories. My mum and dad owned Harvey’s fish and chips in Roose Road. It’s a Chinese take away now! There was McGranigans newsagents, Applebys butchers, Mrs Caine grocers , Popes vegetables shop, Proctors had the Wool Shop then there was our fish and chip shop. We lived behind and above the shop. Always busy – on Fridays the queue would go to Harrison’s the Chemists.

    • remember your fish and chip shop well.we used to go down for meat fritters,there was nothing like them.I remember you from the alfred barrow.I was in the school orchestra with you.you played double base,the ex mayor dave roberts on sax,colin dalton tenor sax.Ive been in australia for 32 years but still remember the old days.sorry about the late reply as ive just come upon this site

    • I can remember Harvey’s Hip Shop well in the 1960’s. Best in Barrow

    • Best of all were Wootons meat and potato pies in Ainslie Street on a Saturday.

  7. anyone remember the minor Bird in the cloths shop in Rawlo st think the shop was called Caulfields

  8. what a nice read…..I can tick a few of them…x

  9. I remember about 85% of these — Kelly’s, upstairs was where the records were and downstairs musical instruments — I spent many teenage hours there. Also Pass’s, they had everything. I even bought some “cardboard” records there that were like greetings cards with photos of kittens and puppies “Big Man” was on the one with the puppies. Swimming at either Abbey Road or at Biggar Bank walled open-air pool — it was always good to go to the cafe and buy their soup I think it was a penny or twopence. It must have been mainly water but boy it was hot and tasted good to us. Oh and for “desert” after the soup a Chox Stick. Thanks for a good read.
    Marion ex Barrovian now in Republic of Panama

  10. No. 68. Pass’s window

  11. Wow so many good memories

  12. They all bring back memories.. Kelly,s, Pass,s. Blackshaws was an ironmongers/tools, Royal,s petshop in Paxton Terrace, Noblets, The Bandit,s, The Furness Jazz College Seven, I think the Bon-Bon was owned by Tony Gregory,s parents.The Furness Fishing Association and Hannays in Crellin Streat Hadwins cycle shop. Alexandre,s suits. Army and Navy store in Dalton Road, going down the line to Foulney and Roa Island.. having a pint at the Concle Pub. The Palace next door to Pass,s…I did part of my RSPCA training at Barrow…A lot of good memories….. Stuart Torrance.

  13. i remember half of them what good memories i have of barrow and how i miss it

  14. Took part in the first EVER Cycling Proficiency held at the John Whinnerah so remember all these , though one or two are slightly askew ( KELLY’S was the record shop along with PASS’s) But what of the SASS shops on DALTON RD and the BIG Chimney on the STEELWORKS.Not seen them mentioned!!!!!! GREAT TIMES!!!!!!!

  15. Thank you for compiling this. I remember about 70% of them. Some happy memories of those days…………x

  16. I remember the giant teddy bear on the top of the stairs in blackshaws and the toy shop at the dalton rd end of the arcade by the dalton rd end

  17. Got your brain working brought back lots of memories

  18. White Elephant around the Griffin??

  19. Good days long summary ones with miles of deserted beaches to explore truly a happy cear free child hud,

  20. I remember being asked to leave the cricket club as I was drinking a pint of beer (1971). Only the men were allowed to drink pints

  21. Cor, I must be old…..I remember all of them, although I didn’t “do” all of them. Great memories of my home town. Only left it 2 months ago….now retired and living in Spain.

  22. I remember all of these even starred in a pantomime at Her Majesty’s Theatre put on by Edna Parkinsons dancing class and went to lessons at Geoffrey Morriss school of ballroom dance hmmm thee good old days

  23. Bernard Gallagher who ran the repertory company at the theatre in the 60’s is still alive. I saw an interview on him on Google. They did some great plays. I belonged to Barrow Amateurs and was in a few of their shows as a dancer in the early 60’s. Went to Ida McDonald’s Ballroom dancing classes held at Victoria Park Hotel. Great days!! I left Barrow in 1964 but have many many fond memories.

  24. I loved reading this as it brought back so many memories of a wonderful carefree childhood.

  25. Wow!!! I was born in 1955 and lived in Barrow until I was 15 when we left to live in Colne east after my Dad died. I remember loads of the things mentioned especially the launches. Went to walney road school and we always got time out to go and watch. Fantastic memories of going across the bridge to school and also the low road on my bike. Many many happy memories of my childhood in Cook Street

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